New Single 'Travelling Woman' coming soon!


Nearly two years after the release of her debut EP, Naomi Keyte is heading back into the studio, this time with the incredible Nick Huggins of the independent Melbourne label ‘Two Bright Lakes’. A vinyl/digital release, the second EP is set to have more of a spacious and slightly road-house feel to it. Lyrically darker and melodically simpler, the songs deal with love and the loss of youthful naivety.  

With performances at almost all of Adelaide’s venues and at festivals such as ‘Moving Music’ and ‘Here’s to Now,' Naomi has slowly been winning ears state-wide. Joined now by Thomas Capogreco (Sparkspitter) on guitar and Matthew Gorgula (Monkey Puzzle Tree) on drums, there is a beautiful element of tension and release as melody and rhythm are intertwined and unravelled. 

With plans to breach boarders and travel within Australia and eventually to NZ and the US, this band has a strong vision and sense of purpose. 






“Probably best listened to with the lights off” - Dom Alessio 


“…known mostly through her industrious musical lifestyle and intimate lyrics that just about make you feel things you’ve never felt before” - Tom Gaffney 


“…It can mean syncopated and perfectly minimal rhythms, ethereal guitar hooks and solos, otherworldly harmonies and delicate glockenspiel moments. Just enough sweet to make you enjoy the savoury bits even more” - Angela Shilling